Knit Sweetheart: October 2004

Knit Sweetheart

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Here is a picture of her grand kitties!

Here is a picture of my baby, her name is kitty ; )

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 hurts..

well this sucks, i went to post to my blog and lost it all now i have to write it all again, i think from now on i will write it in notepad then copy/paste, fed up with loosing my posts when i try to post it..cannot believe how tired i am.. the time seems to have stood still, i have hardly any energy so forgive me when i dont use capitals ok?my 14 year old daughter has been suspended from college by the board of trustees until further notice, she harrasses the teachers and students, throws abuse, argues, will not do anything, she is like this at home too with me and her 2 brothers.. right now she is living with my parents that live 6-7 hours drive away, we all are hoping this will settle her down and realise just what and who she is hurting and get her life sorted..she just does not realise how much she is hurting everyone around her..
onto alittle good sons cat.. chips.. has brought her babies home to us, cannot believe the kittens are almost 2 weeks old already, they have their eyes open and starting to play with each other, i opened the door for chips saves her jumping in the window with her babies in her mouth, she walked in tho house very proudly, made me smile to think she wants to share her family with our familyalso i have almost finished one sock of the breast cancer awareness in a opal pastel blue/pale blue solid color i was given, they are coming along very nicely, they look very delicate, i think i will send them to someone in our R.A.O.K group to brighten their day..anyways i am tired, time for a coffee and alittle knitting in the sun before it disappears, night night my friends, love and hugs

Sunday, October 17, 2004

My baby's daughter!!

Just had kittens!! My son's cat we called chips, because she looked like a burnt chip when she was born, she just had 3 kittens!! One is a tourtellshell color, one is grey and one I think is black? She has made home in our neighbours front porch amoungst their belongings (they moved into this house and some boxes are in their front porch.. she said my son can come over to see the kittens but not to move her yet, we can bring her home with kittens once they have opened their eyes, so we are all counting down the days! My son is so proud of her and so am I!!! ;))))))

Thursday, October 14, 2004

No knitting today so..

Could not knit today, I think I overdone my knitting yesturday *smacks hand* Soooo I decided to take this knitting quiz I see alot of and glad I did!! It explains me and my knitting oh so well!! Take a lookie ; )

Knitting Adventurer
You appear to be a Knitting Adventurer.
You are through those knitting growing pains and
feeling more adventurous. You can follow a
standard pattern if it's not too complicated
and know where to go to get help. Maybe you've
started to experiment with different fibers and
you might be eyeing a book with a cool
technique you've never tried. Perhaps you
prefer to stick to other people's patterns but
you are trying to challenge yourself more.
Regardless of your preference, you are
continually trying to grow as a knitter, and as
well you should since your non-knitting friends
are probably dropping some serious hints, these

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I am so lazy!!

But hopefully I made up for it today.. I made further progress on my pretty petals sox by Jean
also I am knitting her pattern called cascading leaves, Jean is the most friendliest, talented lady I have the pleasure to knit with, thank you for your wonderful patterns!! I am having alot of fun knitting these!!! ;)))

But wait.. theres more!!!

I also made progress on my sox I am knitting along Six Sox Knitalong called Fluted Bannister Sox we are a group of people scattered all over the world knitting one pattern at the same time having different out comes in our finished pairs of sox, totally amazing!!
I never in all my knitting life had so much fun!!!

Alas.. I have not managed to take any scans of my WIPS as I was hoping for, my scanner is underneath my fax machine and my left hand will not help my right hand to lift it!! Rude I tell ya!! My left hand is still recovering from carpul tunnel surgery so I am sorry the scans will just hafta wait, if anyone reads todays posting I hope will understnad, but I do promise I will take some pix, if only I had a digital camera huh?!? I will settle for more sox yarns LOL especially in BLUE!!!!
I am getting sleepy now so will say cheerio for now, hugssss & g'nite! ;)))))

Saturday, October 09, 2004

No more stitches!! YAY

Thank goodness the stitches are gone!! My hand was very sore!! I could not do anything without feeling the stitches pull more tightly! The nurse that removed them had to use those 3-D lookalike magifying glasses you put over your eyes? The stitches were so drawn into my wrist it was not funny, she was being so careful and told me not to look, which of course I didn't. Now I can knit more!! I have like 5 socks in progress on dpn's and plan on starting more! I am so good at starting socks, hopless at finishing them LOL nah not really, they take me afew days or so to make depending on the patterns. I love textured patterns and cables, I am hopeless at color knitting, I cannot ever seem to get that right UGH!
I am going to scan some tonight for you and see if I can get the pictures for you, if all goes well that is! I LOVE knitting socks!!!!
I was also RAOK'd again!!! Thank you so much to Anne for the wonderful audio books, I have always wanted to know about these, I am a very fussy person and when it comes to reading books it must be one I cannot put down till finished!! Also thank you Alice for the beautiful yahoo greeting card I love the card LOL made me laugh!! thank you both so much for the lovely RAOKs!!! I have 3 about to be posted tomarrow but will not say who they are too cos that would spoil the fun, right!?!!
HUGS and goodnight my friends! ;))))

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

OUCH!! ;c(

I am so sorry for missing yesturdays posting, my hand was too sore to do anything with, then today after my shower I ripped the stitches and made my wound bleed alittle ended up with afew tears, the stitches come out tomarrow, it will be painful I can tell because the bandaid came off and the stitches are very tight, I am not looking forward to tomarrow..
BUT.. I just recieved my very first R.A.O.K today from Kate, thank you!! She send me the most beautiful ecard from Hallmark, which as you can imagine really cheered me up!
I not long joined a fantastic group called Random Act of Kindness, and already was sent a gift, I have to learn to add buttons to my blog and share more with you! I feel hopeless right now, but I will learn.
Just started to knit my SixSox flute bannister sox, almost finished the ribbing, taken me 3 days to do afew rows but hey am getting there ;)
hugs to you all!

Monday, October 04, 2004

My Baby

My baby as my family knows, is my cat, my pride and joy, I call her my baby as to me she is my baby girl, I adore her and love her with all my heart, she is black and has a white stripe going down her belly and she has a white mostache! looks like she has attacked the milk! I never got to name her (bad I know!) but I could not think of a name to suit her! So she got stuck with kitty! I mention all this because this morning she gave me a gift! she jumped in my bedroom window meowing away at me! hid something under my bed EW! then my son's cat jumped in the window to find out what on earth all this comotion was about.. she went under the bed and ate whatever itty brought in to me!!! Well!! you should have seen the look on kittys face!!! She was soooo discusted!!! She turned her back on my son's cat (whom we named chips, as when she was born she looked like a burnt chip!) then kitty jumped up onto the window sill and just sat there staring into space with a blank look on her face, I could not help but giggle! Poor kitty, thought she brought me a gift and our other cat ate it! LOL
I would post a picture of my baby, but I don't think she would sit still on my scanner LOL But I will try to find a digital camera and show of my baby! ; )
I swore I would never get a black cat because I feel sorry for them in summer, but as soon as I saw kitty I picked her up and she imediately cuddled into me and purred, I knew right then and there she's mine, and she has been my bestest friend ever since! I love her so much! She "talks" to me all the time and sits on my lap every moment she gets, she always knows when mommy is not well and stays by my side, she loves me as much as I love her ; )

Sunday, October 03, 2004

What a miserable rainy day today! A good day to try some knitting, ever tried knitting with 1 hand?? This surgery on my hand seems to be taking forever to heal! It is not easy I can tell you! But I cannot stand it any longer, the withdrawls got the better of me, I had to try, nothing else to do! I managed to knit afew rounds in the sock I am currently trying to finish from Jean Townsend, I dont know how to add the links or anything yet, but I will find out somehow, she makes such wonderful and fun sock patterns! I will take a photo/scan it them when I have finished them, which wont take me too long I hope!

My children started back at school today so I was able to try alittle knitting without any screaming or fighting or arguing! Don't you love the school holidays?? LOL
I love them dearly and already miss them when they are at school, they are counting down the days for the end of the year holidays, about 6 weeks I think it is, what joy!! LOL ;)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Blog world here I come!

Howdie!! Hmm.. thought I would see what this blog world can let me do! WoW! blue type! now I know i'm in heaven! As blue is my most favorite color in the whole wide world! Whoops even can type in different sizes LOL hey this is so much fun! And yes I do knit! I cannot knit at the moment due to carpul tunnel surgery on my left wrist, I have tried tho' but it's difficult! I am having deep withdrawls, but do enjoy rolling my dpn's (double point needles) in my fingers! I cannot wait for my wrist to heal so I can knit again! Roll on them healin hands!! LOL