Knit Sweetheart: hurts..

Knit Sweetheart

Tuesday, October 26, 2004 hurts..

well this sucks, i went to post to my blog and lost it all now i have to write it all again, i think from now on i will write it in notepad then copy/paste, fed up with loosing my posts when i try to post it..cannot believe how tired i am.. the time seems to have stood still, i have hardly any energy so forgive me when i dont use capitals ok?my 14 year old daughter has been suspended from college by the board of trustees until further notice, she harrasses the teachers and students, throws abuse, argues, will not do anything, she is like this at home too with me and her 2 brothers.. right now she is living with my parents that live 6-7 hours drive away, we all are hoping this will settle her down and realise just what and who she is hurting and get her life sorted..she just does not realise how much she is hurting everyone around her..
onto alittle good sons cat.. chips.. has brought her babies home to us, cannot believe the kittens are almost 2 weeks old already, they have their eyes open and starting to play with each other, i opened the door for chips saves her jumping in the window with her babies in her mouth, she walked in tho house very proudly, made me smile to think she wants to share her family with our familyalso i have almost finished one sock of the breast cancer awareness in a opal pastel blue/pale blue solid color i was given, they are coming along very nicely, they look very delicate, i think i will send them to someone in our R.A.O.K group to brighten their day..anyways i am tired, time for a coffee and alittle knitting in the sun before it disappears, night night my friends, love and hugs


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