Knit Sweetheart: November 2004

Knit Sweetheart

Sunday, November 14, 2004

How stupid!!

I am very stupid, I can still type in color, i forgot i had the wrong tag open, in compose now so can color my words again, so duh! Gawd I feel very depressed, so much on my mind cannot even sleep well, had so many showers to try and feel more comfy, tried knitting, yeah right, ended up by starting another 3 projects!! ugh! why does knitting have to be so enjoyable?? I mean, I am finishing projects, well kinda, I cannot figure out kitchener stitch yet to close my 3 pairs of socks (2 in previous posts)
I want to thank Debbie very much, she RAOK'd me with a gmail account!! I am sorry for posting late about it, please forgive me my friend? Deb is so sweet and friendly, a very lovely woman!!
Blah i am going to drown my sorrows in coffee, maybe tomarrow will be brighter?
hugs and kisses, love you all

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Here is a picture of my finished pair of Cascading leaves socks, 2 patterns I dearly loved to knit up ; )

Here is my almost finished pair of Breast Cancer Awareness socks, just need to learn how to work the kitchener st to close them rather then the 3 needle bind off, hope you like them?

Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's time..

I bet you all are thinking, gawd this knitter is lazy..she hardly updates her blog.. says she loves knitting and has not produced any photos yet, well I promise you by today is finished I will post some photos of my knitting, I just hope they turn out ok as i have seen some beautiful blogs layed out with stunning photos which would put mine to shame.. but oh well, i am not liking this blogger, i cannot type in different colors now by the looks of it, when i love colors! this sucks, i must have color in my dull and boring life or i get depressed even more.. "gawd here she goes" i can hear you say? well if you don't know i suffer with manic depression, i woke up at lunch time today feeling blah, i feel very tired and want to hide away, i think i will knit to my hearts content today to get my mind off it, days like this i hate life and wish i was with my son up above..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What a week..

I was taken to hospital by ambulance with a very sore chest, not being able to breath well and feeling ill and out of breath, i was put on oxegeon in the ambulance then given other stuff to breath, they called it "happy gas" i did not like it much, made me feel more sick and very light headed.. when we reached the hospital i was slapped all over my chest and arms and legs with gel pad thingies then wired up to a mechanical thingy to record my heart and they stole blood from me to get info or something on my heart from my blood, i was trying not to panic at the same time i was scared shytless, all i could think about was were my sons ok, was my baby (kitty) ok.. was my father in law ok looking after my boys whilst i was taken care of.. i knew they were but still, yanno?? my dad told me heart problems run on his side of the family but he hopes i wont have any trouble.. well i guess i might be down the track, who knmows, i hope not, i wanna be a grandmom one day!
i bought myself my very own digital camera and already feeling duhhh! i spend about 25-30 mins trying to work out how and where do i charge it up to use, then i spotted the batteries and saw where they go and hey presto! it works! I giggled for awhile thinking it had to be chagred.. well duh!! i took a photo of my baby and her grand kitties, i hope you like them.. huggles.. g'nite my friends