Knit Sweetheart: It's time..

Knit Sweetheart

Saturday, November 06, 2004

It's time..

I bet you all are thinking, gawd this knitter is lazy..she hardly updates her blog.. says she loves knitting and has not produced any photos yet, well I promise you by today is finished I will post some photos of my knitting, I just hope they turn out ok as i have seen some beautiful blogs layed out with stunning photos which would put mine to shame.. but oh well, i am not liking this blogger, i cannot type in different colors now by the looks of it, when i love colors! this sucks, i must have color in my dull and boring life or i get depressed even more.. "gawd here she goes" i can hear you say? well if you don't know i suffer with manic depression, i woke up at lunch time today feeling blah, i feel very tired and want to hide away, i think i will knit to my hearts content today to get my mind off it, days like this i hate life and wish i was with my son up above..


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