Knit Sweetheart: What a week..

Knit Sweetheart

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What a week..

I was taken to hospital by ambulance with a very sore chest, not being able to breath well and feeling ill and out of breath, i was put on oxegeon in the ambulance then given other stuff to breath, they called it "happy gas" i did not like it much, made me feel more sick and very light headed.. when we reached the hospital i was slapped all over my chest and arms and legs with gel pad thingies then wired up to a mechanical thingy to record my heart and they stole blood from me to get info or something on my heart from my blood, i was trying not to panic at the same time i was scared shytless, all i could think about was were my sons ok, was my baby (kitty) ok.. was my father in law ok looking after my boys whilst i was taken care of.. i knew they were but still, yanno?? my dad told me heart problems run on his side of the family but he hopes i wont have any trouble.. well i guess i might be down the track, who knmows, i hope not, i wanna be a grandmom one day!
i bought myself my very own digital camera and already feeling duhhh! i spend about 25-30 mins trying to work out how and where do i charge it up to use, then i spotted the batteries and saw where they go and hey presto! it works! I giggled for awhile thinking it had to be chagred.. well duh!! i took a photo of my baby and her grand kitties, i hope you like them.. huggles.. g'nite my friends


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